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Following a mysterious tip, Mordley Greg now finds herself at a curious mansion.

Mordley Greg P.I. is a top down action-puzzle game inspired by NES and SNES era action adventure games. Mordey relies on her red umbrella to fight the creatures of the mansion as well as her trusty revolver, that you will have to manage carefully in combat to keep all the chambers reloaded or to use a special bullet to solve puzzles.


  • A - interact
  • B - Dodge
  • X - Melee attack
  • Y - Reload
  • L1/L2 - Aim
  • R1 - Rotate Cylinder
  • R2 - Shoot
  • L Joystick - Move



  • Nick Warfield : Gameplay Design & Programming
  • Ethan Persico : Art lead, Animation & Gameplay Design
  • Lacey Hunter : Level Design & Environmental Art
  • Austin Bragger : Level & Sound Design
  • Sam Bayot : Enemy Design & Animation
  • Alex Meija : Environmental Art
  • Dillon Craft : Additional Design

Additional Credits

Eileen Li

Clinton Bragger

Special Thanks

Tim Samoff

John Bair




mordlygreg-2.2.2.exe 13 MB